Benchmark Clothiers wants you to achieve maximum satisfaction with your custom clothing experience. Accuracy of measurement information for our clients is crucial in the custom clothing process. We urge you to carefully follow the instructions and recommendations below:

  • Have someone carefully take all measurements of you & take each measurement at least 3 times recommended for accuracy.
  • Wear a suit and dress shirt¬†while being measured - please¬†do NOT wear jeans or casual clothing to be measured, as the measurements obtained could be incorrect.
  • Take all measurements snugly, but NOT tight & allow room for 1 finger to slide around inside of tape.
  • Take 3 digital photos (front, profile and rear with no coat on) are highly recommended. This allows us to identify any special fit issues that you may experience.
  • Take the pictures wearing a dress shirt and dress trousers, with the collar buttoned at the neck.
  • Take a picture of any fit issues you may have of your current suit, with the jacket on.
  • Add any comments to "Fit Problems" concerning any fit issues that you have experienced in the past, such as a collar roll on your jackets

Benchmark Clothiers can accept your measurements to place an order via e-mail. Please read the tips on this page for the best measurements possible for your order. Please fill out the form below with all information associated with the items you are purchasing.

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